We are frequently looking for undergraduate researchers to support ongoing work in the Capps Lab.

Contact Instructions: If you are interested in working in our lab, please contact Dr. Capps or one of the graduate students via email to learn about research opportunities. 


Amber Matha (REU Summer 2017)

At her home institution, Mercyhurst University, Amber's research experience  was primarily through the Chemistry Department. Specifically, her work focused on identifying synergistic drug combinations to increase drug effectiveness in HER2 overexpressing cancer cells.  Additionally, in the fall of 2016, Amber completed a research project with the Public Health Department investigating water quality and the community composition of microorganisms in illegally dumped tires, and how they related to container-breeding mosquito growth.

This summer, Amber joined the Capps Lab as an REU student in the Population Biology of Infectious Diseases REU Program at UGA. Her research is focused on understanding how larval diet influences the growth and development of two mosquito taxa. After graduation, Amber intends to apply to graduate programs in public health.