The Watershed Learning Network

As part of an undergraduate course in urban ecology, we partnered with the creators of the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network to develop the online educational materials of the Watershed Learning Network.

The purpose of the WLN is to develop a diverse learning community where participants have the materials needed to learn:

  • Problem-solving for water quality and stormwater issues from a holistic, sustainable, and resilient perspectives
  • Restoring and protecting the ecological health of urban watersheds
  • Promoting resilience to climate change in urban watersheds
  • Creating conditions and opportunities to improve the quality of life of residents of urban watersheds
  • Facilitating equitable relationships between community stakeholders (public and private) that nurture cooperation, collaboration, and partnership for projects that blue, green, and grey infrastructure to address flooding
  • Promoting city watershed programs devoted to sustainable solutions to water quality issues in urban environments

Though it is a work in progress, please feel free to visit the site and/or watch our introductory video below.