Ecological Basis for Environmental Issues (ECOL 1000)

Ecological Basis for Environmental Issues

Course Overview:                 

This course is designed to give you an appreciation of the interactions between the ecological, economic, and social spheres that govern our management of natural resources and the quality and quantity of ecosystem services natural systems provide. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of system structure and regulation at the organismal, population, community, and ecosystem levels. This background will provide you with the tools needed to evaluate environmental problems confronting society, so you will have a better understanding of how to protect and manage ecosystems for future generations. In this class, we will discuss a variety of ecological, environmentally-centered public policies, and cultural perceptions toward the environment to better appreciate environmental challenges threatening the sustainable future of humankind. To this end, we will discuss the quality of air, water, and soil resources. We will also consider human population growth, environmental change, environmental justice and environmental ethics, among other topics. We will examine current environmental issues, both within Georgia and throughout the globe, to reinforce the relevance of the material being studied.

ECOL1000 is a 3-credit hour science course with an optional 1-credit laboratory (ECOL1000L). It is credited as a University of Georgia Core Curriculum science course, and satisfies the University of Georgia’s Environmental Literacy graduation requirement. You may have also registered for the optional honors section of this course. This lecture is not directly linked to either the lab course or the honors discussion. Therefore, you will need to direct questions about the lab and/or the honors section to your instructors of those courses.

By the end of this course you will...

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