Water Dawgs

Water Dawgs is a paid summer program that provides freshwater science education, professional development, and internship opportunities for local high school students from groups typically underrepresented in STEM. ​Programs aimed at recruiting and retaining students in freshwater science typically focus on undergraduate and graduate students. ​However, students often make important decisions about their interest in STEM fields and STEM careers during their high school years. ​Thus, we need new educational approaches that increase interest in freshwater science and promote freshwater science careers beginning at an earlier age.

Water Dawgs consists of two parts:

  1. Summer training program– participants will receive training in freshwater science and Adopt-A-Stream water quality monitoring protocols
  2. Internship– participants will intern with a citizen science water quality monitoring group 

All instructional materials are available for download here. ​

  • The summer training program includes the following materials:​
    • Program outline​
    • Supply list​
    • Pre-training instructor to-do list​
    • Pre-, mid-, and post-training surveys
    • Student recruitment materials​
    • Parent meeting materials​
    • 17 learning plans (3.5 hours each)
  • Each learning plan includes the following materials:​
    • Instructor guide​
    • PowerPoint
    • Student handouts