Working in the Capps Lab


We are very excited that you are considering working in the Capps Lab. Before you begin collaborating with us, you will need to register with the university by filling out forms and complete some safety training. If you will be working with vertebrate animals or humans, you will need to complete additional training listed below. I will need electronic copies of all of the forms and proof that you completed each training module before you can begin. If you will be a paid employee, we will also need you to register in the system so that you can enter your work hours. Please see below for the required training.

All People Working or Volunteering in the Lab

If you will be working in the lab, you must complete the following training and the appropriate form(s). All of these modules can be located here.

Safe Secure Science – Lab Safety Basics (administered through eLearningCommons with UGA MyID and password via Select a Course menu). You may need to call eLC support or send an email to and have lab secure added to your eLC account so the course appears.

All People Working with Vertebrate Animals

If you will be working with vertebrate animals, please complete the following relevant training. You may also have to take any additional training modules targeted towards the species you will be working with in the field or lab (e.g., fishes or amphibians).

UGA IACUC 101Online Learning Library3 years
Staying HealthyOnline Learning LibraryNone *
Occupational Health QuestionnaireComplete this form online at UGA Occupational Health QuestionnaireRecommend yearly updates

All People Working with Humans

If you will be working with humans (i.e., interviews, etc.), please follow the directions outlined here:  Most likely, you will only need to complete the “Social & Behavioral Research” module and the “Social & Behavioral Research–International” module.

Required Forms

If you are going to be a paid employee, please fill out both of the “Paid Employee Forms”. You will also need to make sure to get into the system so that you can enter your hours and be paid. This must be approved after all of your relevant paperwork is completed and before you begin work. 

Paid Employee Information

Paid Employee Information (2)

If you are a volunteer over the age of 18, please fill out the “Volunteer” form.
Volunteer Form


If you are a volunteer under the age of 18 please have your parents or legal guardians fill out the “Young Ecologists Volunteer Program” in addition to the “Volunteer Form” above.
Young Ecologists Volunteer Program