Lab Information and Contact Instructions

Please follow this link for opportunities to obtain funding to work in the lab.

Contact Instructions

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

We are frequently looking for undergraduate researchers to support ongoing work in the Capps Lab. If you are interested in working in our lab, please contact Dr. Capps or one of the graduate students via email to learn about research opportunities.

Graduate Studies in the Capps Lab

I am always interested in speaking with students who are planning to pursue graduate studies in ecology or conservation biology. I am excited to support MS students in the Ecology or Integrative Conservation and Sustainability programs and PhD students in the Ecology or Integrative Conservation programs. To work in our lab, you must:
  • Meet the entrance requirements for the University of Georgia and be admitted to the program in the Odum School
  • Enjoy working in a team environment
  • Have a strong work ethic
Students in our lab group typically conduct  a combination of field and laboratory work and integrate both experimental and observational approaches to answer ecological and/or socio-ecological questions pertaining to fresh water. Though there are funding sources that are available through UGA and the Odum School for competitive students, MS students will be encouraged and PhD students will be expected to pursue additional grants and fellowships within UGA and from other funding agencies (e.g., EPA, NSF, the Fulbright Program) during their graduate studies. When possible, I encourage potential students who are US citizens to apply for the NSF GRFP program and non-US students to apply for government funding opportunities (e.g., Mexico: CONACYT) to support their graduate studies prior to coming to UGA.
Entrance to the Odum School of Ecology typically requires high GPAs, though there is some flexibility if an applicant has extensive research experience and/or particularly strong letters of recommendation. If you have not taken your exams, but will complete them by November, please make sure to mention that information in your email.
Is ICON right for you? Please review the ICON webpage and consider reading these papers!

Contact Instructions: If you are interested in graduate study in the Capps Lab, please send Dr. Krista Capps an email with the following information:
Happily, I receive many inquires about graduate studies; please follow these directions to enable a timely reply. Please note, I will advertise positions/funding opportunities that are available on this page. If you do not see any announcements, I will most likely only be able to support students that bring in their own funding (e.g., the NSF GRFP or internal grants offered through UGA).

Postdoctoral Research in the Capps Lab

I am excited to provide further research training and professional training for PhD-level scientists. Post-docs are expected to develop their own research program complimentary to mine, strive to write an average of 2 papers a year, help mentor graduate students in the lab, gain experience in writing competitive, externally funded grants, attend conferences, and work to extend their professional networks. I am happy to support proposal development for postdoctoral research to be conducted in my lab at UGA. Make sure to review opportunities such as the NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship Program  and the David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship Program for potential postdoctoral research funding. 
Contact Instructions: If you are interested in working in our lab, please contact Dr. Capps via email. Please include an updated CV and a description of the funding opportunities for which you plan to apply in your message.