Water Quality Investigation with the Metro District

Welcome to the Capps Lab website at the University of Georgia! Thank you for your interest in our project. This research is a collaboration among the Capps Lab, the Gaur Lab, the Lipp Lab, and the Abney Lab at the University of Georgia. We are working with the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District (Metro Water District) to investigate under what weather conditions septic systems may influence water quality in rivers and streams around Atlanta. 

This is the second study commissioned by the Metro District to examine septic system infrastructure. You can view the results of the first study here

Please do not hesitate to reach our to our team if you have any questions:

Dr. Krista Capps, Principal Investigator (kcapps@uga.edu)

Mr. Matthew Thibodeaux, Lead Project Technician (mlt10722@uga.edu)