Assist Ecologists Affected by Hurricanes and Earthquake

ESA is thinking about its members, their families, and their co-workers affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and by the Mexico City earthquake. Ecologists well understand the impact of natural disasters on ecological systems, but have also witnessed nature’s ability to rebound after such disturbances.

For members whose lives were affected by the hurricanes and the earthquake, we hope your recovery efforts go well and that your daily life returns to normal as soon as possible. ESA wants you to know that you have our good wishes and thoughts during this difficult time.

Many members of the ESA community want to know how they can help get your research back up to speed, whether it’s space in a freezer or on a server, a temporary host for a graduate student, or equipment for your field season. ESA is facilitating member-to-member sharing by collecting offers of assistance and resources to share with those affected.