AQUATROP CALL FOR SPECIAL SESSIONS PROPOSALS Call open: October 1 – November 17, 2017

The Organizing Committee of the Congress on Tropical Aquatic Ecosystems in the Anthropocene – AQUATROP invites proposals for Special Sessions (Symposiums) at the congress, which will be held July 23-26, 2018 in Quito, Ecuador. The objective of AQUATROP is to promote scientific exchange and learning among stakeholders in various fields related to the study of freshwater ecosystems in the context of the major changes that are occurring in the Anthropocene. For this reason, we aim to involve a wide array of experts and
practitioners, from taxonomists and ecologists studying the diversity and ecology of aquatic organisms, to engineers and managers of aquatic ecosystems working on their sustainable use and management.

The person or group that proposes a Special Session is expected to act as the Session organizer by inviting potential speakers, and communicating with them all the relevant information regarding the Session being proposed. Please keep in mind the following:
 The topic of the session must be related to the AQUATROP general theme,
 The contents of the Special Session should not overlap with General Sessions of the congress, and similar sessions may be joined into one,
 The principal organizer should open the session by presenting an overview of the topic and future tendencies.

The proposals for a Special Session should contain the following information: title, a brief description (250 words), justification (100 words) and summary (50 words), contact details of the principal organizer and possible co-organizers(optional), as well as a list of six potential speakers and tentative subjects of their talks.

Our Scientific Committee will evaluate the proposals on a peer-review basis, focusing on scientific relevance, structure and organization, and the proposed speakers. You can submit your proposals by November 17, 2017 at with the subject “Proposal Special Session AQUATROP”. The organizers of proposals will be notified on November 27, 2017, after which the accepted sessions will be posted at the AQUATROP website.