REU Opportunity at the Savannah River Ecology Lab

Consider applying for the NSF REU program in Radioecology held at the University of Georgia Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL; The program is unique in that it is the only undergraduate program in radioecology in the U.S.  Students have an outstanding opportunity to gain field and lab experience working on the Savannah River Site. The list of research themes for 2018 can be found at: Examples of research projects conducted by past REUs can be found at: Students do not need prior research experience and while they can accept any year student they strongly encourage applications from sophomores. The program is  particularly interested in recruiting students from institutions with limited opportunities to participate in research in STEM disciplines.

The program has graduated three cohorts of students through our REU program and it has been a great success. They focus our recruitment efforts in the southeastern U.S. to facilitate follow-on activities between students and mentors.  This has been an effective approach as demonstrated by  students’ accomplishments that include co-authored peer-reviewed publications (9) and presentations (12) and posters (17) given at regional, national or international conferences.  In addition, six students have enrolled in graduate programs (including three at SREL) and 10 were hired as research technicians (including seven at SREL).