New Community Education Resource for Groups Working in Urban Watersheds!

The Capps Lab is excited to announce the initiation of the Watershed Learning Network. The WLN was developed from ideas and materials that were developed in the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network (AWLN) in collaboration with the Urban Ecology course at UGA, a service-learning course in the Odum School of Ecology. All of the content was inspired by our Atlanta-based collaborators and much of the content on the WLN site was generated by incredible undergraduate students.

For the past few years, ECO-Action has collaborated with American Rivers, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, The Conservation Fund, Park Pride, the Atlanta Community Improvement Association, and the Metro Atlanta Urban Watershed Institute to build capacity and develop leadership for green infrastructure in the Intrenchment and Proctor Creek watershed communities. This work evolved and led to the creation of Atlanta Watershed Learning Network.

The sense of community and energy generated by the AWLN, inspired the organizers to expand the impact of the educational program and create the Watershed Learning Network.

The website is a work in progress and will continue to evolve through future collaborations with the West Atlanta community and in future iterations of the Urban Ecology class. If you have links to relevant information or materials that might enhance the resources available on the site, please feel free to send your ideas to ugaurbanecology [at] We are excited to enhance and improve the website through time!